High Noon 2:1 CBD:CBG Tincture


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iris beiswanger
tall tree high noon

I think it is good, but don't really notice any distinct difference in how I feel. An overall sence of better mood maybe.

Promises Delivered

I ordered the High Noon tincture and I’m happy to say it exceeded expectations. Having tried multiple tinctures and even making a few of my own this product is the best I’ve had. I typically use tinctures for micro dosing daily, this one is great for full doses too. You can tell Tall Trees takes pride in every step of the process.

Allison Ault
Healed my muscle strain better than anything!

I had been dealing with a muscle strain in my hip area for months and was at the point where I was frustrated and ready to give up. After the first couple of months, I started seeing a physical therapist and while it seemed to get better, after 6 weeks I restrained it. Pain and frustration set back in. However, within 3 days of taking High Noon my hip pain dramatically decreased and I can say that it has been a huge catalyst for recovery. I wish I would have found this product sooner since it notably decreased the inflammation that was inhibiting my healing. I'm slowly getting back into my gym routine and heavier lifts again.

Dustin Matthews
Best Tincture I've Had

The CBG Tincture is energetic and smooth. I could use it daily for natural clear-minded boost! Thanks Tall Trees.

Grown and crafted with intention and care

I’ve added this amazing product to my daily regimen. I feel more clear, relaxed and freer of aches and pains. They’re doing things the right way it seems, and I trust the product as the care they provide their plants shows through in the results from my experience. Thank you!

Grown by Max & Jojo

In 2020, we had the opportunity to bring hemp to Tall Trees, our family farm since 1979. As cannabis professionals, diving headfirst into our own boutique hemp grow was a dream come true.