Hi! We’re Max and Jojo, a husband-and-wife team and new(ish) residents of this tiny town in Missouri. We’re both cannabis professionals and are so excited to have this opportunity to dive head-first into our own hemp growing operation. Our first season was challenging, eye-opening and deeply fulfilling. Stoked that you're here following along the journey!

Our amazing co-founder, Jane, is Max’s mom, the owner of Tall Trees farm. She brings insight, much-needed wisdom and a whole lot of laughter to the operation. Our mutual passion for the plant and desire to bring a new era to the family farm led us to start Tall Trees Hemp.

Head of Operations

Max Snyder

Bio: Cannabis recruiter by day and hemp farmer by night. He is the reason we're on this amazing adventure.

His Focus: Growing healthy, high-quality plants, driving sales and keeping Jojo on track.

Favorite Farm Chore: Mowing. Especially since upgrading from a push mower to a lawn tractor.

Favorite Product: Feel Better Balm

Head of Everything Else

Jojo Frey Snyder

Bio: Lover of all things branding and digital content. Cannabis marketing expert.

Her Focus: Creative, marketing, ecomm, admin, compliance, fulfillment, finance... literally everything else.

Favorite Farm Chore: I have a good time using the leaf blower.

Favorite Product: Moonlight CBD Tincture

Head of Security

Rip Snyder

Bio: Named after the great Rip Wheeler. A fierce protector, but lover at heart.

His Focus: Long-lasting snuggles and the thrill of the chase.

Favorite Farm Chore: Chasing off those white-tailed devils.

Favorite Product: Dried hemp stalks. They chew just like a no. 2 pencil.

Life at Tall Trees

Life at the farm is simple. Our lives follow the flow of Mother Nature. We greet the sun (or the moody skies) with our animals and wind down as dusk settles in and the stars peek out to say hello. We coast through the seasons watching the world around us spring to life then fall back into hibernation.

So, what does our life here look like? Lots of hard work, sunrises and sunsets, French press coffee, wholesome eats, long walks in the woods, chilling with Rip and Jolene, a glass or three of mezcal or bourbon, Max’s diesel-fueled bonfires and a mix of classic rock, Nicolas Jaar, Tyler Childers and tropical house on repeat.

Visits from faraway friends. So much support from our community. So many laughs. 

From Tall Trees to You

Our hemp is grown and hand-harvested by yours truly right here on the farm. With next to no machinery (aside from the odd truck borrowed from a generous neighbor), we pretty much do everything by hand here at Tall Trees.

It takes a long time and a lot of hard work, but it creates one hell of a meaningful experience.

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