Lucky Sugar 1:1 CBD:CBG Preroll


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Thomas Smith
Pain reduction for an aging athlete

As someone in the 60's who maintains a high level of physical activity, I purchased a Lucky Sugar 2 pack in the interest of a non pharma/non opioid pain reduction tool. The effect was significant reduction in joint and muscular pain from a few days of "overuse" from a more intense regiment of activity vs my usual one. It was noticeable within 10 minutes, and lasted for 3 to 4 hours....just taking one "hit". I will be back for more.

Maya Lorton
Lovely CBD joint

So enjoyed my relaxing joint and the sweet packaging it came in. An excellent stress-reliever without getting too high from THC. Highly recommended !

Steph Vrona
Please sell this in bulk!

Ever want to smoke a joint but you're at work and need to stay clear headed so you can offer up your very best? Me too. CBD prerolls that aren't stuffed with stems and trim are incredibly hard to come by. Unless you're buying in bulk and stuffing your own cones you're at the mercy of whatever shows up in the mail. Not here - full buds broken down and a generous .75g per preroll is exactly what you're going to get! Top it off with a classy glass container and air tight cork to keep your preroll fresh and you have a lifelong customer. I absolutely will be buying more before smoking my second one ~ THANK YOU!

Anthony Stal
Smooth, delicious, good vibes

These pre-rolls were very delicious but most importantly the effect was very calming and positive.

Drew Kitt
Smooth and Effective

I really enjoyed the 1:1 CBD:CBG pre-roll, it was smooth without any harsh smoke and the blend of cannabinoids and terpenes resulted in a very relaxing and calming effect.

Grown by Max & Jojo

In 2020, we had the opportunity to bring hemp to Tall Trees, our family farm since 1979. As cannabis professionals, diving headfirst into our own boutique hemp grow was a dream come true.