All-Natural Ingredients

We trust nature to do its thing. With our plants and products, we choose healthy, pure options.

Family Owned & Operated

We're stoked to be able to work, laugh and create something special together.

Dream Big, Stay Balanced

It's all about high hopes and humble roots. Let's see where this thing takes us!

Welcome to Tall Trees

real products by real people

We're a boutique hemp farm just a stone's throw from the Missouri River. We specialize in cultivating sun-grown hemp flower and creating effective, healing products.

With our hemp, you know exactly where it came from and who grew it.

Hi! We're Max & Jojo.

Husband-and-wife duo who love this plant. Armed with our experience in the cannabis industry, we moved to our family farm to start a micro hemp grow at the beginning of the pandemic.

This chapter has been a wild rollercoaster - kind of like Green Acres 2.0. Season one kicked our asses, but we had the time of our lives.

Humbled and inspired by the land, we are thrilled to be taking Tall Trees to the next level. Happy you're here <3

planted, grown & harvested by hand.

We believe in keeping it old-school. From planting to harvesting to trimming and rolling, we're hands-on every step of the way.

Slow down, put some soul into it and you'll end up with a pretty meaningful experience.

Lucky Sugar (1:1 CBD:CBG) & Southern Luck (CBD)

for the soul seekers & stargazers

We harness the magic of this plant to make everyday products for people like us.

Our goal is to create products that are as close to the real deal as possible. All in the pursuit of living life on on a higher frequency.

Some of our beautiful CBG-rich flower

clean green healing.

Cannabinoids are an essential tool in our approach to wellness. We believe hemp has the power to elevate everyday life. It is therapeutic and elemental, a cornerstone of mindful living.

We choose clean, all-natural products in our lives as often as we can. When it comes to growing hemp and developing products, we follow that same guiding principle.