The Farm

White barnSince 1979, Tall Trees has been a locus of natural beauty and freewheelin' good times. A place where you make the kind of memories that last a lifetime. Tall Trees lives in the American Midwest - it’s all lush, rolling hills and thick wooded areas teeming with wildlife. It's hotter than hell in the summer with arctic chills in the winter.

Life at the farm is simple. Our lives follow the flow of Mother Nature. We greet the sun (or the moody skies) with our animals and wind down as dusk settles in and the stars peek out to say hello. We coast through the seasons watching the world around us spring to life then fall back into hibernation.

So, what does our life here look like? Lots of hard work, sunrises and sunsets, French press coffee, wholesome eats, long walks in the woods, chilling with Rip and Jolene, a glass or three of good bourbon or Japanese whiskey, Max’s diesel-fueled bonfires and a mix of classic rock, Nicolas Jaar, Tyler Childers and tropical house on repeat. Visits from faraway friends. So much support from our community. So many laughs. 

Our honey hound, Rip, lives to roam the land and takes his duty of protecting the homestead very seriously. By dawn, he’s outside warding off his enemies - read: deer, foxes and coyotes. By night, he’s begging for snuggles and curled up with us on the couch. Our sweet little barn-cat-turned-queen-of-the-house, Jolene, is every bit the explorer that Rip is, but way more chill. As cats are.

The reality of Tall Trees is that it is what we make it. Yeah, it’s a big, beautiful property in a charming little town. But its soul… that part is up to us. To keep it strong and help it evolve. We want to create a place in space and time that speaks to what we love in life. A place that will enhance the lives of everyone who experiences it. And, at the very least, one that makes people smile and laugh when they think of their time (however long or short) spent here. This place is as much a place as it is a promise - of legacy, of good times and of vast potential. For now, it’s time to put in the work. ☺