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Great product!

I’ve been buying and using CBD oils/tinctures for years and this is my new favorite. It’s the perfect way to get my mornings started on the right foot. Will definitely order more!

Moonlight CBD Tincture
wendie maruna
Yeah !!! Sleep . CBD Moonligjt

For such a long time I have had trouble falling and staying asleep . Since , I started using this I can sleep straight 5 hrs. I will take 5 hrs . Better than before . Thank you ! You have a customer.

Sunrise CBD:CBG Tincture
Esther Robertson

I have not experienced any discernible effects. Pain is still the same as before.

Love this better balm

I’ve used others prior, but this feel better balm has a higher concentration of cbd in it. It does wonders for painful areas on the body. Jojo and Max are great. Love supporting small businesses as well.

Sunrise CBD:CBG Tincture
iris beiswanger

Sunrise CBD:CBG Tincture

CBD Moonlight

It works great! Really does put me to sleep!

Feel Better Balm
Sam DeViney
Pain Relief

This product has been very effective at relieving my hip pain and my wife's neck and shoulder pain. We are both very happy with the results and highly recommend this product.

Feel Better Balm
todd green
Great Products from Great Owners

Owners are incredible people. Reliable and trustworthy. Main reason I tried their products and couldn't be happier. Highly recommend checking everything out!

tall tree high noon

I think it is good, but don't really notice any distinct difference in how I feel. An overall sence of better mood maybe.

I Can Sleep!

During my work career I spent about 40 years sitting in an office chair. As a result, I have a lot of hip pain which makes it difficult to sleep comfortably through the night. I also suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome which makes it difficult to fall asleep.

What a bad combination... hard to fall asleep and then hard to stay asleep.

I tried many different remedies and nothing really worked until I found the Tall Trees Hemp products.

I am currently using the Sunrise tincture in the morning and the balm at night and this is working beautifully for me. I fall asleep quickly and stay comfortable all night. If I get up to go to the restroom, I can get back to sleep easily.

I am also kind of a nervous and high-strung individual and the tincture seems to mellow me out and kind of take that edge off, all day. (My wife sends her thanks as well.)

I really appreciate what the Tall Trees products have done for me and I highly recommend them to others. Especially those with Restless Leg Syndrome because that is such a maddening condition. Try the tinctures. You will not regret it.

Moonlight CBD Tincture
iris beiswanger
no help with restlessness

I had high hopes for this tincture. I was hoping it would help me get to sleep and stay there. It does neither. My heart races as I lay down and then I wake up at some point in the middle of the night and can't fall back to sleep for an hour or more. I have taken it 20 minutes before bed up to 2 hours before bed and there doesn't seem to be any difference.

Amazing products!

Tall Trees tinctures are the only CBD/CBG products which work the same as the hemp grown on my farm in 2020!! These are real farmers who truly understand and appreciate the medicinal value of cannabinoids and terps!! I use it for myself-arthritis and sleep issues and one of my horses with chronic laminitis. In 10 days she’s gone from very painful walking to a quick trot yesterday! I just placed my 2nd order-we won’t be without it again!

Promises Delivered

I ordered the High Noon tincture and I’m happy to say it exceeded expectations. Having tried multiple tinctures and even making a few of my own this product is the best I’ve had. I typically use tinctures for micro dosing daily, this one is great for full doses too. You can tell Tall Trees takes pride in every step of the process.

Pain reduction for an aging athlete

As someone in the 60's who maintains a high level of physical activity, I purchased a Lucky Sugar 2 pack in the interest of a non pharma/non opioid pain reduction tool. The effect was significant reduction in joint and muscular pain from a few days of "overuse" from a more intense regiment of activity vs my usual one. It was noticeable within 10 minutes, and lasted for 3 to 4 hours....just taking one "hit". I will be back for more.

Love this Cbd flower

It’s hard to find nice cbd flower these days. After trying this I was so happy to find that I was relaxed and calm and still had the energy to go about my day.


Healed my muscle strain better than anything!

I had been dealing with a muscle strain in my hip area for months and was at the point where I was frustrated and ready to give up. After the first couple of months, I started seeing a physical therapist and while it seemed to get better, after 6 weeks I restrained it. Pain and frustration set back in. However, within 3 days of taking High Noon my hip pain dramatically decreased and I can say that it has been a huge catalyst for recovery. I wish I would have found this product sooner since it notably decreased the inflammation that was inhibiting my healing. I'm slowly getting back into my gym routine and heavier lifts again.

Feel Better Balm
Kristy Lee

Lovely soothing cream!

Best Tincture I've Had

The CBG Tincture is energetic and smooth. I could use it daily for natural clear-minded boost! Thanks Tall Trees.

High Roller CBD Roll-On

Lovely CBD joint

So enjoyed my relaxing joint and the sweet packaging it came in. An excellent stress-reliever without getting too high from THC. Highly recommended !

Best Balm Ever!

I've tried several balms like this in varying strengths. This balm gives the fastest longest relief for my back. Love the non greasy feel and the smell isn't overpowering, it's subtle. Love it!


I was skeptical at first, but this product really does help me chill out and fall asleep. As someone with a sleep disorder who doesn’t want to rely on pharmacy meds, trust me. If relaxing and falling asleep is your issue, try this product.

Tasted great and was super relaxing!

Ordered the Southern Luck preroll and it arrived super fast. It was really smooth and had a great taste! Totally mellowed me out, but still allowed me to go about my day with a clear head. Will order again!


I have been struggling to find comfort while sleeping due to carpal tunnel in my wrists. Despite the name "Sunrise" I like to think of this as "Sunset"! I believe the "anti-inflammatory" properties of the blend is playing a big role in my healing, on top of the incredible hemp from Tall Trees Farm!! Thanks to the magic in the little black jar I am now resting well. Thanks to the fam!